Monday, October 06, 2008

New Beginnings

To any that have followed 'Thoughts, Theories and Omissions' in the past both of you lol. I have finally left secondary school teaching, so the good news is I will stop moaning about it and questioning my purpose in it all.

Except I still dream about school, which is concerning considering I left teaching in July. So I haven't quite put it behind me, but do us ex teachers ever? A question perhaps for discussion by ex-teachers those that fit into the statistic of '30% that leave within the first 5 years of teaching' according to the TTA.

Anyway back to the point I am now undertaking a PhD at Loughborough University my initial proposal not necessarily what I will definitely stick with though is:

'Intergrating Sustainable Design criteria through KBE (CAD)'
So I may be asking for your advice and guidance, if you are a Industrial/Product/Furniture/Transport Designer/Design Engineer, you get the idea.
Obviously this subject will be reflected in most my posts now but I will still try to include my personal thoughts. Which is a good point to tell you all that in the 18 months since I wrote I got married 22nd March 2008, I can recommend it : ).

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