Friday, August 19, 2005

Picture this

Photography is my new interest having found a very nice lens online for my ancient Zenit-B SLR camera. The camera is a traditional manual type, the type that you can create real Art with, less like the automatic digital imagery which produces very good images but lacks the depth, emotion and romance of your traditional 35mm film.

The upside to all this new technolgy is of course though that older stuff is cheaper than ever. But don't get me wrong I also own a simple digital camera as well which is brilliant for quick shots, instant results, size weight and storage. But for those special photos I save the classic SLR to savour the moment and create something special.

Its like putting on a classic vinyl album on the record deck, with the slight hissing, gentle scratching and movement o the belt. Yet it is the time to take and savour the music to step out of the fast come and go digital culture. To wait, to prepare and anticipate, patience is a virtue, when expectation resides.

But as fewer share the love of traditional photography over, to be fair the ease and simplicity of the new digital format. I wonder whether the true image may be soon lost from the solutions paper and developing time.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Initial Blogger

Im currentely writing a Paper on e-learning and a short section on blogging. Interesting concept, we will see how this develops......................................