Monday, December 28, 2009

Boycott Tesco's

I have always been slighty dubious about Tesco's practices but in the last two weeks their practices have enraged me. Firstly the article published by the BBC, which reported on a line of christmas cards sold by Tesco's, which can only be described as racist. I myself have red hair and was extremely offended.

Secondly, and the issue that I am most personally aggrieved over the closure of a local bar in their continued aggressive dominance of British retail. The Quay bar has long been established in Leicester and I was a regular in my student days. Recently in the last month a church put an event on in the bar and a week later were planning another event to encourage community cohesion in surrounding area until they turned up on the night (22nd Dec) to find it closed. The event had been discussed with management but no-one had mention or seemed aware of Tesco's intentions to gut the popular venue. The refit was planned over the Christmas period whilst the students and local residents were away so that no one can protest against Tesco's plans, a convenient coincidence perhaps?

However what is most ridiculous is the location, the Quay is a small venue, surely only large enough for a small Tesco Metro and is only 10 metres away from a small Sainsbury's and within three minutes walk of a large independant off-license, a Spar and the student union shop. With a large Morrisons supermarket and a countless small shops situated within a 10 minute walk.

Why, Tesco's, is no part of Britain allowed to be untouched by your greedy desire? I'm fed up with seeing your corporate and bland Tesco branding everywhere, its sickening. Please also spare a thought for the wonderful bar staff formally at the Quay that where made redundant at Chrsitmas. Nice touch Tesco's.