Monday, January 01, 2007

Life is mundane

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Well it is, I always want to know the answers to what's next until I get them then I wish I didn't know. Because not knowing is generally more exciting. Its the wait, the anticipation that has been exciting at the moment.
Just to clarify if you hadn't worked it out yet I didn't get the job in Bristol, whether I wanted it or not is probably irrelevant, its the fact that whilst I was waiting and stressing it was exciting. If I had got it I would still be excited but very stressed, but the excitement would be the potential of change.
'I like variety' was one of the random answers I gave in the interview but it sums it all up so well. Variety truely is the spice of life, so maybe I should start a new hobby, but I generally like nature or active things and it's dark outside now and when I go to work and when I come home from work.
But to be honest its not just the job, its a culmination of things. I mean Dave has got a job back in Leics and is coming back and I'm happy but not excited. James maybe coming back as well, God is good to me and I hope James does but I'm not excited. I am however excited for James that he has got a girlfriend recentely (change).
New things maybe, my car was new for a few months but now thats starting to become familiar now, but I am still really thankful for it just to clarify.
The excitement of some of the adventure activities I did this summer was awesome. The most exciting was probably the ziplines though the tree tops 2,000 feet up that rocked but it always comes to an end. Even the one that was 1/2 a mile long, but oh how I enjoyed it.
Dancing in the aisles at the Charlatans gig two weeks ago, I was in my element but it ends and you get sent home.
But do we just live for these highlights in live, well no but we do need to make the most of them. Perhaps I should expound this energy into running down the canal till I drop like I used too, or in the poetry I used to write so much.
This life is so real sometimes but seems so reheased at other times. However I need to make the most of it and having a laugh with the kids today in class was probably the days only highlight but its to be treasured. After all I could be shut in an office on my own for weeks on end doing Research ; )

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